Monday, March 1, 2010

Palin for President?

Today, there is a lot of debate about if Sarah Palin should run for president or not. Much of the media is not in favor of her bid for the presidency and often times makes fun of her. Because of this I feel that she should not run for president in 2012. The media has done a real number on her reputation. A lot of people in America can’t even tell the difference between her and Tina_Fey which would be a huge issue if she ran for president. Palin has also handled herself poorly in the media and stumbled through countless interviews and constantly seemed unsure of herself. Most recently Palin was caught using notes on her hand in order to get through a speech.

Palin also lacks enough political experience. Her credentials to be president include city councilwomen, governor of Alaska and PTA mom. While these are all great accomplishments, they do not even come close to preparing her to run a whole country. Palin has not been head of a major city and therefore has not dealt with any severe security issues or dealt with any international diplomats. And even though she may be popular among soccer moms, her far right views may make it almost impossible for her to secure a bid. Her family issues will also cause a lot of unwanted stress in the wake of an election. The issues of her personal life will most likely outdo her political views and make it impossible for people to take her seriously.

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